Let us help enhance your world with the best frangrances you could ask for!


 All our candles are created with 100% pure SOY.  Soy is eco-friendly, and it helps American farmers as soybeans are farmed here in America! 

We offer a variety of candles, tarts and wax melts.  We create all our work in a variety of ever changing frangrances!

We also create a variety of beautiful woodworking and sewing creations!

Our Company

We are a small family owned and operated company!  We currently operate out of our home in beautiful Eddy, TX, yet we operate anywhere our product is desired!  

For more information about us and our history, please see the 'About' section!

Our SOY Wax

Our candles are made with 100% pure SOY beans.  Our Soy wax is all natural, and therefore a renewable resource, and eco-friendly.

When you buy SOY products, you benefit Americans and American farmers.  This helps the economy substantially!

We use the maximum amount of fragrance that our wax can hold - 6% - 10% - creating the best and strongest scent you can imagine!

We only use cotton wicks in all our candles!

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