Welcome to the Cooper's Home...

We are so happy that you are visiting and we are thrilled to tell you our humble story about our life in 'wax'!

Our journey in the candle business began many years ago as just a way to create gifts, and make some extra money.  The more we started learning, the more fun we had!  Now it has become a way to join together as a couple (before Wendy came 'home'), and now as a family to share our time, our love of family, our love of God and all He has given to us.  


Regena and I started making candles originally in 2000 after moving to Keller, TX.. We started with soy candles which, at the time were new to the industry. We used our candles as gifts to our friends and family and later expanded by selling to members of our church and then to the public at craft shows.

In 2002 we relocated to Steelville, Missouri to accept God’s call to pastor at Straightway Baptist Church. We continued making candles and later expanded with wood crafts making cutting and checker boards; jewelry and music boxes; bird feeders and blue bird houses.

In 2013 we felt it was God’s timing to leave the work at Straightway and in 2014 we returned to our home state of Texas. Wendy joined us later that year from Salt Lake City.


Now we are all back home and enjoying our family (those here in Eddy, and those in other areas of TX), and meeting new people with our candle creatons!


May God’s blessing be yours.

Mike, Regena, and Wendy