Bee Hotel!

Welcome to the 'Sleeping Bee' Inn!
Did you know that not all Bee's enjoy being in colonies or hives?  Some bees are Solitary - Mason Bee!.
Mason Bees are also our #1 pollinators (300 - 1!) and they are dieing off in the area - as with all the bee populations!
These 'Bee Hotels' are one way that we have found to help bring them back!  
The holes you see are different sizes for different size 'nests'.  These nests will allow the Mason Bees to make their homes in an environment that suits them - thus helping to bring them back into the area!  They are attracted to the holes so don't worry they will find them!!
Believe it or not, they have a very important purpose in our eco-system - helping to pollinate our crops and plants!