Candle Corner

We have a variety of candles to offer, as well as a variety of fragrances in each candle!  We offer two different sizes of jar candles, wax melts, and small tarts.

Jar Candles

Our Jar Candles come in two different sizes:  8 oz Libby Status Jar w/lid, 3 oz Libby Jigger.  These jars are beautiful and classy, made of glass and have a great look.  Once the candle has finished burning, you can clean the glass and reuse for whatever you wish!

Non Jar Candles


Our wickless candles are excellent because they do not involve the potential danger of fire hazards.  We have 6-cubed Wax Melts.  These are great for using in warmers to melt your cares away, or even for beautiful and excellent smelling decorations!