Non Jar Candles

Our Non-Jar Candles are to keep the focus purely on the fragrance and the environment you are in!.  These candles hold a lot of fragrant wax that will keep your environment smelling wonderful for a long time!
Our scents include:  Cinnamon Apple Berry, Clean Cotton, Festival, French Market, Fruit Slices, Hazelnut Coffee, Lavender, Leather, Mahogany Woods, Mulberry, Pumpkin Pie Spice & Watermelon Lemonade!!

6-cubed Wax Melts

Heart (Small) Tarts

These wax melts and tarts are powerful little fragrances that will 'melt your heart' and create a strong and peaceful environment!  These are great for the vehicle to get rid of that 'lived in car' smell.  They are perfect for people who are worried about candles and the possibilities of 'fire' hazards, or even the annoying smoke created when you burn candles!  no one likes that!

All of our products come in 12 scents