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Our Jar Candles...

Everyone loves Jar Candles! They are beautiful and elegant to look at. They can brighten a room with the glow of the flame with the added benefit of filling their space with an engaging fragrance that can take you to another place altogether! Our jars are no-less spectacular!

We have chosen the perfect jars for you! They have a solid glass base and lid that will stand the test of time! They have a great solid weight to them so they are harder to knock over. They also have a clear beauty to them that allows the color of the candle shine through - whether you choose to light them, or just enjoy the fragrance without the risk of lighting them (because trust us - you do not have to light them to get the full benefits of the excellent fragrance!).

And, an added benefit: When you buy one of our jar candles, after burning the candle completely down - and one benefit of Soy is that it WILL burn completely up, you can clean the jar (just clean it in HOT HOT water), then once it is clean, get back in touch with us & we will refill the jar with another candle of your choice for $0.50 on the ounce! Other waxes will not clean like Soy does so this is not something we would be able to do! How would you like a 10 ounce candle for $5.00? We can do that!

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