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We know most everyone loves fragrances, but not everyone loves candles and the risks of flames! Wax Melts and warmers are the way to go! They also have the fun double duty of creating a great smell for your vehicle, for your RVs, or anywhere else you need a little freshness (but might not really think of to begin with!). Wax Melts are powerful little cubes of soy wax filled to the brim with fragrance. We use the maximum that the wax will hold - another wonderful benefit of Soy (10% compared to most who use only about 3 - 5 %)!

Any warmer or vehicle will do! If you have a warmer, then our wax melts will be perfect for you! We have a variety in our house - from the expensive to the cheap! Depending on the size of the room you might want to use one, or you might want to use two! Our little cubes (each wax melt package comes with 6 cubes!) will last approximately 3-5 days! Our Wax Tarts (little hearts or stars) will last approximately 5 days and are exactly the same as wax melts, just individuals versus in a package! If you have a vehicle or RV/Motorhome that might need a little extra freshness, then one trick to use - open up a wax melt package an stick it under the seat! Your vehicle will never smell the same! Our wax has an extremely HIGH melt temperature (135 degree), so the if the wax melts in the lovely summer sun it has a container already to catch and remold the wax! Presto - better than a Glade or Febreeze car freshener (at least in my opinion - but do not take my word for it - or please do! I am biased though! lol).

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