• Wendy Cooper

Starting off right....

Ok, so this year I am going to start off differently (yes, I know it is March - so, yep I am slow - everyone who knows me will agree w/that statement! lol)!!!

So, we are doing some different shows so have mercy on us! Sami Shows! OMG what an adventure! Our first one in January - well, we didn't have a clue what to expect but we had a blast! So, we took the plunge and signed up for March! Of course I think mom & I had a blast shopping at the Sami Show as much as working the show! Hey, we needed new clothes - especially momma! lol

So, nothing really going on in February - but that's normal so no big deal!

At the end of last year we were BLESSED w/my disability settlement FINALLY coming through - THANK YOU LORD YOU ARE AWESOME!!! So, this year we are not completely stressed out about having to make every show imaginable! But, it is fun & we still need social time w/people outside this house (I am sure everyone can relate! lol). We have found an awesome Church to enjoy & attend, so this year is looking good for our family.

I am also trying to do some different things for the business. Anyone know how to work a Surface Pro? lol. I am trying new things and actually use this wonderful cute & adorable thing! I made a 'video' & will post it. I am going to start working with it little by little & even start posting blogs of interesting & maybe even not so interesting things going on w/the family!

Keep an eye out too because I will even start a monthly email list & include awesome coupons for you & your friends! Also, if you have ordered in the past & someone places a new order using your name as a reference, you will get an automatic 10% off coupon sent to you for referring someone!! We love and always appreciate our loyal customers!

Until next time....


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