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And away we go...

Well, here we go! Off to a good start right? This year is going to be a great & wonderful year for us & hopefully for all of you as well! We want to use yall as help for new projects & ideas! If you use your project/idea, then you will benefit from it (in what way - well, we haven't quite determined that yet!). We are trying to expand into new areas for shows as well. Do you know of a craft show or market that you attend & think we should go? If so, let me know! We love ideas if you couldn't tell. lol.

This past year sewing expanded into weighted blankets & lap blankets. Mom had a great time with it! If anyone is in need of one - we are here for you! We will start your custom made one just as soon as you wish!

Woodworking has expanded this past year as well! I started making Challenge Coin Holders (thank you so much Mike & Mary S!). I also started making the keepsake/treasure boxes again. This year I made a couple of new things for customers & they were challenges. Well, one was a display for someone - that wasn't too bad, the other though, was great! I had a request for a stove cover! Now that was interesting! I think it turned out pretty good (at least I hope they are happy with it!). I also had a rollaway top to make for another customer. I enjoy a challenge!

So any new ideas out there? Even a new 'department' that does not even fit with the items we are already working with (candles/wood & sewing). We are thinking of new areas of work to expand in to!

So, this is a new year & a new beginning for everyone! We want to really thank each & every one of you! There is a 10% off coupon out there for everyone on our emailing list - so make sure you are on the list! Take care and never forget - we are always here to make your life more colorful & smelling great!

Have a wonderful & BLESSED day & New Years!!

~~ The Coopers

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