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Beautiful & Colorful November!!!

Hello everyone! I know there is all the talk about 'Black Friday' or even extending that to 'Black November', but if any of you have seen my cutting boards, you will know that I love color, so for us - it is Colorful November!

This season is all about giving thanks and remembering what blessings we have. I am just so thank so thankful that I have my family, my friends, and all of you out there! I might not know your names, but I probably know your faces! If not, then I am just thankful to have met you at least once and I am hoping to see you again in the future!

We have a busy season coming up - November and December are packed & we love it! But, please never think we wont have time for you. So, if you want a special order, you just have to ask! Please remember to check Facebook Events page for where we are next. It is going to be a great few months and we would like to say hi again to all of you!

If you are not able to come out and see us, please do not worry, we are still available here, by phone or even by email! Don't hesitate to reach out to me or just place your order online if you wish! Since we will not have just a 'Cyber Monday' sale like years past, we will have a 'Colorful November' sale all month! Just use the coupon 'Colorful' for your 10% off treat!

Thank you all for being a valued customer and friend. Hoping you have a wonderful, blessed and safe holiday season!


The Coopers

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