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Tis the season... for shopping local!

Hello everyone out there! I know I am not really good at this (ok, not at ALL good at this!), but I promise (again I know! lol) to start trying to do better! Our Market season is finally winding down & Christmas Holiday season is ramping up! Do you know where you will be shopping this season? I can give you great places to go for excellent gift ideas! I can even give you a way to get 10% off on those gifts! Mention you saw a 'blog' on our wonderful website (or even that you look at this website! lol) and we will give you 10% off! We have wonderful Soy Candles & Wax Melts, we have the best ever Corn Bags (the nurses at Seton have started calling them Neck Pillows - so they are no longer Boo Boo Bags & they are now Neck Pillows. Thanks Seton Medical Staff!), and we have the BEST Cutting Boards, Keepsake Boxes, Bee Hotels & Coin Displays you will ever find! Of course I am a little partial to the wood work but I do think it is all wonderful. We take pride in it & will honor it all. All that said, we wanted to mainly wish you all a SAFE & WONDERFUL season as we approach Holidays and everyone starts their shopping fun! There are several places to find excellent gifts (and no, not just ours! lol). Support local small businesses if at all possible - keep the money local & help those that are trying to make their dreams come true! I hope you all have a wonderful & blessed day. If you all have any great ideas for sewing projects or woodworking projects, just send me a message & you never know what will happen! Our woodworking & sewing have been growing these past couple of months! If your idea comes true - you will get a discount on your next order. Til next time everyone... take care & be safe!


Wendy C


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