This Bee Hotel is a way to help our 'pollunator' bees!  We have seen a decline in the number of pollunator bee's and this is bad for the eco-system.  If there are no pollunators, then the crops and plants do not get the attention they need from this from needed pollunators.  

The Bee Hotel is designed to help Mason Bees create their nests in an environment that is not a hive or a cluster environment.  These bees do not like being in crowds.  The holes you see in the wood are different sizes and all designed around this specific Bee size.  

You can hang/attach the Hotel to the side of your house or your fence or even hang in a tree - at least 3 to 5 feet above ground.  Make sure they are in a sunny spot that does not get too much wind!  The Male Mason bees are not aggressive.  The Female Mason bees are rarely aggressive - mainly protecting their territory (like most 'mamas')!

I keep these fairly smallish because they do not like large crowds. 

Small Bee Hotel