Bowl Cozies!

Insulated 'bowls' that keep the hot stuff 'hot' & the cold stuff 'cold'!

Corn Bags...

These bags are filled w/deer corn & are good for all the aches & pains!  They can be frozen for an ice pack, or heated for a heating pack! Perfect for what 'll your 'boo-boos'!

These beautiful table runners can be custom made to fit any size table!

These weighted blankets are wonderful for people with ADHD, Autism, or any other problem that requires a little more comfort! they can be made to fit any person, any size & any weight added to it! They are personalized so the blanket suits the person!!

Kitchen Gift Sets!

These beautiful sets include a few things to choose from & enjoy!  You can pick 2 beautiful bowl cozies! 1 amazing potato bag that holds 2 - 3 decent size lunch spuds! Last but not least, one gorgeous cutting board!  These are perfect for gift sets for holiday's, for first houses or apt's, dorm rooms, or just because gifts!

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